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Sunday, March 18, 2012


It was a beautiful day to wake up to. Even though that yeah I agree with all my friends 4 hours of sleep is not enough. But sometimes, when we do what we love to do, it just make sense. Things will fall into place. I am surprise that within 2 hours, I finish all the listed work I need to do for the day. So time for me to go back to bed? I am not sure I wanted that.

Sitting here wondering how are you doing at the moment. I look at my phone but I foresee the reply you would say. Convincing to have a little more faith everything will be alright. But there are some sad news that comes to me today. I wanted to surprise you with the F1 Rocks Malaysia Concert with Kylie & Kelis coming and all. But I am sad to say the organizers decided to call it off. I was looking forward to put that big smile on your face after all the things you are facing in life now.

But no matter what life goes on. At least I didn't go break the news and seeing you with that disappointed face. Somehow I am at twitter waiting for some sorta news from you. I know it will be a tough week for you. And seriously, I got no idea how your body is coping at the moment. I am now listening to "Crying Is Beautiful" and letting all the emotions flows in. breathing in every breath of air, praying that you gonna make it.

I prove one thing right. With the passion and perseverance on what we are doing, we can make things happen. I know I am blessed with all the beautiful souls around me. I just hope to get through this and make my life right again.

To my Cow, Somehow this emotion let me write something beautiful. I know you will be reading this. I know you will be the only one to feel the emotions I am feeling now and sing it with that soulful voice of yours. I can't wait to see you next week. I miss you so much.

I know now I am infected to write a post which doesn't make sense with the topic. Sorry~


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