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Wednesday, March 7, 2012


Alone in the mornings i wake
Alone i sit and stare
Alone i think upon my thoughts
Alone i cry out but no one hears
Alone i pray to be loved
Alone i try to understand why
Alone in the darkness

Alone i feel afraid
Alone im unwanted
Alone i want to be someone else
Alone i share my secrets
Alone sing a sweet song
Alone i watch over my shadow
Alone i sit through the storm
Alone i wish for good things to come

Alone i hope for the bad to go away          
Alone i wonder if this is how i will stay

This was something I wrote a long long time ago. I felt kinda reluctant to post this but in the end, I realize how life and the phases we have been through. I am having a little faith in me. It is just something at a point when I really felt only darkness in life. Just wanted to share this with all of my readers. Hope you guys love it.


  1. You are never always surround with all the amazing friends!! haha..Cheer!! What doesn't kill you make you stronger, stand a little bit taller...doesn't mean when you're lonely when you are alone ♥

  2. Hahaha... Of all thing the cow's lyrics!



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