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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Beautiful Sdyney

Walking down Town Hall in the streets earlier, feeling the warm sun on my skin in this beautiful city. I look back at times when things were just beautiful. I am not saying life isn't at this moment. But a really beautiful past I had. Knowingly that things are way much different from the time it was. But I am breathing in every breath of air while I still am.

Walking down the street makes me see what a life I have come along. When no one see me, God magnify me. When someone judge me, God justify me. I am really blessed with all I have now. I somehow see that life is so beautiful in it's own way. Bringing the love to me. I know whenever love is being brought up, I am really hopeless with it.

Many have repeated telling me that it isn't worth going through it. But what can I do when my heart hopelessly wanted. Sometimes, it is just a little too much to handle but I think its still manageable. Knowing that tomorrow will be judgement day for me. Am I scared? Not this time. I know the prayers are with me. I know the love is with me. I am hoping to give this half life a full stop. Tiring? Yes but it is worth going through.

Sitting at the boulevard looking at the hassle and bustle of the this magnificent city. It just feel somehow complete temporarily. I wonderful world I would say. I see only the wonders of wishes of love and care through my heart. I miss you I really do. But the coward in me live on. I know keeping it as a memory is better than ever. I would say maybe it will be a temporary ease of pain. Feeling the cold breeze blowing on my face, I look at it and I say,

I welcome you if you wanna take me. But you never did. I shall just greet you as my friend.
A beautiful city, a beautiful life, and a beautiful love that will keep on living on in me.

A Song For You - On my playlist, this is a special dedication for you. You have brought so much love back to me when I thought it was all gone. I know we will always have each other till the end of time. Thank you.


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