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Friday, March 9, 2012

The Lighthouse In The Dark

Whenever the darkness swallow the land, I was laying there under the bright skies
Looking at winter turns to summer and turns to fall, I am a wonderer of the dark lands of unknown
Should I surrender to the broken heart and letting the beautiful tears flowing from within
Is that all I can do? It is so hard to make it through when I see you

Letting myself loose in the dark, flowing out from the soul within
I know that I am just tired of getting myself through this
Whenever I pick you up you find a way to fall
I see that broken pieces whenever I look into that reflection in the mirror

Within the life that remains, I see the beautiful dark remains of the ruins
Broken yet standing with pride at the gates, the grandeur and beautiful structure of it
But it was a beautiful sad story lies within. I listen to the heart that asking me to enter
Closing my eyes and touching the gates, I feel home

Isn't it rich, Isn't it beautiful? The place felt so right to be in
I feel every broken souls that walked pass these gates
I knew this was a familiar place. It is just somewhere I will be feeling home
I would gladly disappear within. It was the same labyrinth that I always linger in till....

"Don't go there" and a hand on my shoulder.
A familiar voice holding me, But it was so familiar I was so afraid to turn to look 
I am afraid it was just a dream, I fear all was just another illusion that will lead me to turmoil
Breathing slowly, I push the gates open...


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