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Saturday, December 31, 2011

First Good Deed of 2012

As exhausted as I am, I was hungry when non of my friends would wanna go hunt for my fav corndog in the city. So I walked along with myself with my iPod. At the very same place, to my amazement, the stall was open. I got my corndog and repeating playing Kelly's Dark Side. As silly the picture would be, I was singing out loud with my mouth full. Not because I was daring enough. It was all because no one was on the street at all. Just a few cars around and all about the city covered with snow. Suddenly the peace was disrupted with a loud bang just right in front of me. A bike hit into a car and the passenger flew across the road.

I was petrified and mouth open wide. A few sec later the guy stood up. Without thinking I drop my corndog on the floor and ran towards him. The driver of the car drove off right after the collision. He was limping. It seems like I knew that guy or what. All I did was I gave him a hug right there and like a worried family member, asking him is he al-right. He couldn't even talk. I guess he was in shock. I don't know what got into me, I didn't even think of I had a phone. I straight away like a police officer, stood in the middle of the road stopping a passer-by car. And a very kind lady stopped and volunteered to bring him to the nearest medical centre. I help his bike to the side and helped him into the car.

At that moment, he looked at me and say thank you. His blue beautiful eyes was so striking. OMG, I couldn't believe I am saying this. He is a damn very good looking lad in his early 30s. I was totally mesmerized by him. But what strike me most when he ask for my name, and all I did was smile and say : Please be well. It will be a great 2012. Happy New Year. That smile that he return was... I can't find any words to describe.

Now blogging about this  is like wanting to share it out the emotions I am having. It was beyond earthly feeling to able to see someone say something that they meant. Everyone is still sleeping like pigs in my apartment. A beautiful morning, an unfortunate event but a sincere smile that brings joy. It's all good. at 9am in the morning in 2012, I know my year will be great. I know I will be sincerely happy, filled with love and good wishes.

P/S - The unfortunate event was I forgot to take my corndog which I was craving all night.


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