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Sunday, December 4, 2011

Journey Back Home

This is a powerful yet full of energy and emotion ballad. I don't even know how I did this. Woke up in the morning on the wrong side of the bed, and I wasn't planning at all to write. Lying on the bed, looking at the ruby angel hanging on the table lamp, the image of another angel appear in my mind. Suddenly everything just flows in. I got up, switch on Finale, and start writing. And this wonderful tune just spring out. I was inspired by Nell's strong words and my ultimate goal of doing this. This would be a beautiful piece as the Finale of the whole show. I wish I could just share it all out now. But I guess that would have to wait till opening night. But I can assure you guys it is one beautiful that would bring tears of joy. It has been a wonderful journey for me. I wish this would be as meaningful to you guys and that one beautiful angel in my life. You had inspired me so much in this song. I wish I could share this now with you. But it all has to wait. After this song, I can even say this would be one phenomenal event of year of 2012. The steaks are high. But I believe no one will ever see this kinda standard of production in Malaysia. Once again, I wanna thank Nell for giving me this opportunity. This is really beyond my wildest dream to do this. I want to bring this to another level. The personal touch of every single song written. This is one of a kind. I wish my family would be able to enjoy this with me too. Yet this stays special to my heart. A song full of warmth and love. From <Love Is All Around> to <Journey Back Home> I would wanna dedicate this two with lots of love to all my Angels. And Nell, Thank you very much with the beautiful lyrics that you wrote. I do not know what more to say how much grateful I am at this very moment. I think the song speaks all.


Even though now many of us live a different life, but the heart always stays true. To all lovers out there, cherish and love without barriers and limits. Love is all around. Hope for nothing in return and it will naturally Lead the journey back home. The only thing I wanna say is I do not regret having you in my life but I loving you is an honour. Even in another way that many may disagree. But this is what I wanted. No doubt at any point this is the most wonderful time in my life. So much love, so much warmth, so much hope. I will always will be there with you. You are my dawn that brings warmth to me. Thankful for everything.


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