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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Inspiring Tunes of 2011

With less than 15 days towards the end of the year, looking back at all the events that happen was just mind blowing. I just wanted to take this opportunity to share the top 10 tunes that inspire me in life this year. Every song symbolize a little part of the puzzle of my life.

No 10 
Rihanna's Farewell.

This is specially to a friend of mine~ An inspiring person that walk into my life where least expected. Every word of this song reflects every emotions I had. 

No 9
Cory's Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

This song dedicate to all my girls. It really reflect all of us being the gossip girls, or the true E! exclusive team~

No 8
Kelly's Breaking Your Own Heart

This is a song vice versa to me and my angels. You guys never fail to be by my side.

No 7
Christina's A Thousand Years

A love that will not be fulfilled. And a path I choose to be. Looking down on you at a distance but will be there for you always. You know who you are.

No 6
Lea's Aung Lang Syne

Beautifully touched my heart. For old time sake, letting go all the hatred, jealousy, and pain. Just sharing all the love at this very moment.

No 5 
Kelly's What Doesn't Kills You ( Stronger )

This is my inspiration every day. Specially thankful to Brianne C. Love you to the max and for everything you have done for~ It will not be the same without you here with me.

No 4
Lindsay Pearce and Alex Redwell's Do You Hear What I Hear

To me this is a song of freedom. 

No 3
Kelly Clarkson's Honestly

This is a very much personal dark song. Meant to reminding me myself to look at myself honestly. Begging for freedom that I kept captive of myself. The emotional part of the song isn't all just about pain.

No 2 
Carrie Underwood's There Is A Place For Us

A dedication to those special souls of all walks of life. Mainly this is something where we always think we do not fit in. But we do. Just we needed the strength to look in our very self. The courage to see the light. This is specially for Daniel~ You know you are stronger than anyone out there.

No 1
Shane Ward's No Promises.

I won't talk much on this song. This is something between two souls and what touched my most is this lyric.
P/S - I am quite sure all dear readers will guess wrongly who this song is supposedly dedicated to. I guess only when I am ready I will share this out with the world.
Merry Christmas Every One~ With Lotsa Love and Warmth~


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