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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Music Does Touch Our Heart

Just a twist of tempo, change of chord progression. A song could exactly changed the whole emotion of it.
I came across one beautiful piece of work this week.
The famous classic pop song by Cindy Lauper - Girls just wanna have fun and a new version classic rock by Cory Monteith. It was beautiful. I have added it to my Mixpod so you will be reading this and enjoying a new version of this beauty. This song gave me a sense of hope when I listen to Cory's cover.
Not the usual upbeat poppy one.
I reflect back to these recent shock and events in life. This song comes perfectly.
Then sudden fear were gone after listening to it. I had this calm sensation and strength to face what I am going through. Especially that particular verse. Below are the lyrics. I hope you guys will enjoy it as much I did. I will highlight up the verse that he did had that emotions going thru..

Music is such a beautiful language no one could explain. Some songs reaches out to every different soul differently. In so many ways, I wanted to be even greater in my writings for the musical. When I read Nell's lyrics the night before, every single bit of emotions flows out from me. I finish writing it. The feedback was sensational. I am not trying to say I am good or what so ever. But I am touched. The exact emotions that I had while I wrote it.It touches so many people at the same time. Her words were so real and touching. Drops of tears of happiness scribbling my cheek. Even Garend, after listening to it, his words were clear and piercing. I am glad to have shared this life with all of you. Even thou many uncertainties all of us going through. What is certain was you guys were here for me when no one else listen. Knowing even the depths of life, the love we had grew exponetially strong. I am glad we were there once. Grateful of everything I have now in life. Those things that I have lost, everything I have learned, everything I have gain. I thank my mom for ultimately bring me to this beautiful world.

So guys, I hope you guys do find this song something interesting in life. I wish everyone a good weekend ahead. Especially to that particular angel in my life.

The phone rings in the middle of the nightMy father yells what you gonna do with your lifeOh daddy dear you know you're still number oneBut girls they want to have funOh girls just want to have--

I come home in the morning lightMy mother says when you gonna live your life rightOh mother dear we're not the fortunate onesAnd girls they want to have funOh girls just want to have fun
That's all they really wantSome funWhen the working day is doneGirls-- they want to have funOh girls just want to have fun

Some boys take a beautiful girlAnd hide her away from the rest of the worldI want to be the one to walk in the sunOh girls they want to have funOh girls just want to have


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