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Thursday, December 8, 2011

No Promises

Since the first day i started to blog, i am somehow wondering about what are the most response to my faithful readers. In so many ways i have already awed with the remarkable numbers of readers daily. On average 2000 readers. I could not believe it myself. In so many ways i am honour to keep writing for my readers. 

On this chilly morning, while Adam is driving, i took this opportunity to write. I know i have not written anything for the past few days. It has been tiring flying all from KL - PEN - INCH - LAX. Wonderful way to travel but tiring. I am glad i am able to start to bid goodbye to my friends in Korea. I guess somehow Adam is suspecting something. He seems worried most of the time.but me just being myself, i always manage to cool it off. He should actually. His new single bound to release anytime soon. And i know his surprise gift to release it on. My birthday. Thankful to have friends like you.but i knew it beforehand thought i know.

Beyonce song came on the radio. And now you filled up my mind. Somehow i wonder why am i so dumb doing all this to myself. But in many  ways i am not. Somehow i have accepted that the love i have now as a source of inspiration and warmth. Nothing personal, nothing demanding, nothing needed. Just a love and care which is not mine to grasp. I am thankful. Thankful for all you have given. But something does bring a lot of warmth was when you appear in my mind it has always been   Putting a smile on my face. Glad we crossed  path. I somehow glad we got this chance to know each other. Even this life isn't right but this is my call. I owed this peace to you. It has been heartbreaking enough to see you tearing up. All i ask is for your happiness and a love that being sealed. It is my wish for you every minute of my breathing moment. I will be doing so many things to cover. So many songs to write. So many plans to put down in such a short period of time. I wonder that so many things can i manage. No matter what i know that there ain't anytime for turning back. I will have to deal with it. Oz is important to me. It is my last gift to show my gratitude and love.

This is a wonderful tune I wanna share today. It has started to snow here on the north east. This song comes at the perfect timing. I hope all of you enjoyed as much as I do.

Hey baby, when we are together
Doing things that we love
Every time you're near I feel like I'm in heaven
Feeling high
I don't want to let go
I just need you to know

I don't wanna run away
Baby, you're the one I need tonight
No promises
Baby, now I need to hold you tight
I just wanna die in your arms here tonight

I don't wanna run away
I want to stay forever through time and time
No promises

I don't wanna run away
I don't wanna be alone
No promises
Baby, now I need to hold you tight
Now and forever, my love
No promises


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