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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Solo (Game For Two) by Jason Chen

From the moment you walk into my life,
everything felt so right.
From the moment I look into your eyes.
I knew I had to made you mine.

Boy, you had me hook on in love but 
it was all a game to you.
You drove a stick right though my heart
and let me bleed for your love

I tried everything to prove I love you
gave my all to make all of your dreams comes true
But I am the one blinded with your lies.
I know your heart was never mine.

Why am I the solo player 
in this game for two
Imma solo player
our love was never true
I wanna solo playing
In this game for two
I can't be the solo player
in love in this game for two.

I see the look at your smile
and it makes me feel everything will be alright.
Its like I am still in love with you 
or maybe I am just a fool

It doesn't matter how much I love you 
or how much I care
Even if you come crawling back 
Next time I wont be there.
Imma prepare to leave it all behind
oh no you would never mind
And even though it breaks my heart
I gotta let you go.

I really would dig deep into this song. I am loving it so much. Took me back to a past I had few years back.
But brava to Jason. You are one of a kind. I am loving your birthday gift very much! It is the best ever. Hugs~


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