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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Memories Of Boston

After being back for a week, I decided to head out today to take some pictures around the city. To be honest, it has been a rough week for me. Been going through the pain that I have never ever did from my entire 6 years of treatment. But anyhow, everything is over hopefully. So pick up some hot chocolate and here I go. It was lightly cover with snow but the weather was perfect. Blue skies everywhere. Even squirrels came out to play. Anyway, It somehow felt good to be back here in town. And the best part I went back to Chinatown to this Taiwanese restaurant. I love it so much there as the food resembles the most to Malaysia food. I guess our taste are always that weird. Anyhow, every moment in life I am just being grateful that everything happen for a reason. I now have a really nice person in life to share with, someone to miss everyday. To me now all that matters is just being happy everyday living like I always do.

Just one little small thing that do worries me sometimes. Cause somehow I know I can't do a thing to ease that problem. A very close soul of a friend is somehow hurt of being thorn. Just that I really do not know what is right to do or what I am suppose to do to make it better. He doesn't like being contacted through twitter I guess. Maybe somehow I may sounded wrong or make another party felt the wrong way. I guess he wanted to keep a distance as well. Just felt broken when you know someone you love and care so much for is broken but you have no way to do or make it right for him. All I am able to do is stand at a far distance and see him go through day by day. Just hoping for the best. Even about that I can't tweet about it but I can just let it out here at my own sanctuary here. Always in my prayer. Just hoping he will go through everything soon. Somehow just realize how pathetic I am now can't even tell someone I care about that "everything will pass and everything will just be alright soon." Sigh...


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