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Sunday, January 1, 2012

My Very First Time, Like A Virgin

As early as I got up today. I know many will be hammering me about the fact I should be sleeping more. Anyway, I will be spending my remaining week in LA before returning to KL. I am superbly excited to be there in LA. I would also wanna  take a minute to show talk about the mass car bombing in LA. It came at a very sudden moment. And I am grateful to what I am having in life.

Anyway, I was at the airport early. It was crazily dark at the airport. I am kinda shock at first. I will be taking Delta for the first time. And before this, many had told me that Delta sucks big time. But. I am impressed with what Delta has to offer. After checking in, I was just wondering around the lounge. And one thing strike me and got me all excited!! Pictures are worth a 1000 words.
And my flight is connected and wired. As we speak, I am actually blogging now 30000 ft above ground. I am so crazy with it. I was like talking crap with Daniel till he coundn't take it and ignore me totally. And we actually plan to sink a few airlines. I will go for the american liners while he was planning to sink MH flights. ( I think I am too high and exaggerating a little ) But anyway sinking airliners are our topic.

I don't know why, maybe it is my first time getting wired on the plane. I was like a tweet whore and kept taking pictures on thumblr non stop. To what is my level of highness? Everyone on the flight are sleeping beside me. And I don't regret getting all excited and so on. I manage to get a picture that I love very much. Sun rise at 30000ft. It was such a beauty.
Anyway, it is a great start and the momentum is unbelievably awesome. Its my second day of the year and everything is looking good. Anyway, I am also praying for a friend who will be waiting for his medical report. I wish I could share all this good vibes and please make him healthy. After so many years. Gimme more time to get to share this wonderful crazy life. I know deep down he will be fine when everything is out. I wanna tempt him to go to Korea. I think if he ever reads my blog he is so gonna like climb through my iPad and strangle me. Anyway this is a great start of the year. And I wanna share this with all my friends and angels. What would life be if you were not there to share with me.
And at last I get to this..

Signing off at 30000 ft above ground level.

With lotsa Love!



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