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Friday, December 30, 2011

Winter Night Before New Year Eve

A very beautiful peaceful quiet night.
My heart beats gradually and the emotions flows with the music sings along.
Looking at the beauty of life and nature. It blends together with just the memory of me and you.
The lessons that I have learn from the hard way. Like the winter storms.
A peaceful ending. I have no ill wishes. I wanted just the best for everyone.
Accompanied by Iron and Wine, let all emotion flows. The beauty of love we shared.
Warm tears that flows with happiness.
Happy that from the moment we met,
I didn't lie to myself. I fell in love again when I thought I will never.
But glad that I knew what I really wanted is someone to settle down with.
I believe in love. But I can't make you believe what I do.
As we turn around, we walk a different path.
Holding the tears right in front of you.
Back turns, a string of clear drops.
With the frosting on my window.
I held my pillow close knowing I won't be alone.
Falling back to sleep as the slow fire dance upon its stage.
You slowly fade away. And I will keep walking till the right one stays.
A beautiful life, a beautiful love, a beautiful soul.
For Aung Lang Syne my dear, for aung lang syne.
We will take a cup o' kindness yet,
For aung lang syne.
I waited a hundred years. Shall wait a million more for you.
Nothing will hold me from loving nothing but the one I shall share my life with.
I was living for. But I've been living for.
I am not just a turning page. I am a chapter of a novel of love for all time.


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