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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Cow, Batman and ???

Two of my besties had just left back home after spending 18 hours with me just to cheer me up.
Both of you were great of letting me to take off everything in the mind. From heart to heart talk to jokes that doesn't make sense at all. I don't know how to describe this post. With both of you here, seems other things in life doesn't seems matters any more.

I love it so much when we come clean on our darkest secrets. And to my surprise, two single soul and one madly in love. We 3 missed the same thing that we had or to Batman, still having it.
3 crazily different souls, the thing that imprinted deeply in us was having someone you love next to you to hold at night. Kissing softly till we fall asleep. I thought I was the only one having this weird practices.

Honestly, it has been 21 months now since I held someone and kiss them goodnight till we both fallen asleep.
Even I moved on but that pure love that two person shared isn't something everyone appreciates and would see that as an act of love. 3 of us also agreed that kissing someone is sacred. Not like the holy grail or something. But it is something you know is for that special one. I mean occasionally I did give in and throw in a few kisses when I am in bed with someone. But that that honest kiss that showed you cared and love someone. Not many sees it this way. Kissing is like a doorway to the other person soul. I mean not everyone would see it that way.But I am just sharing what 3 of us feels the same. Most people will see this not a nessesary. I wonder where is that beauty of pure love that human shared. Even the slightest touch would even grant the most fulfilling sense of being safe and love.I know they still exist. And I never would give up.

Sometimes I would sit and wonder what brought 3 of us together. So I did burst out this question to them. Next thing I knew, one tight slap in full swing from Adam. He just says, we are 3 burning starts holding on on each others palm. It won't burn but will give warmth to the star from the cold seas of the world. And this keeps us going on every single step in life. Quietly, I just showed a small smile with tears of joy. That was the most beautiful thing said by a friend. I love you both so much.

I have given up something I held on to quite a few months. In the end, I knew that it wasn't right. Maybe when one day if we do share the same loving point of life. I will love you for who you have always been. But in a different way. It was just time for me to not torment myself any further. Like Cascada always say in her song. " I will find another You " All I need to do is hold on and love will eventually comes when it comes.

Beside, there is one more little soul that I wanna talk about. He is someone who really cares and has his own little ways to really care but shows the only dark side of him or to say his masculine side. (Like a father) Since now I have a cow, and batman.. I am thinking what would he be? I will think of a character for him. But 3 of them can't be put together. They will be the unstoppable force like 3 musketeers. They will be like so annoying together. But what my life would be without them. Even so, I still love them to the max. What would I do without you 3.

Before I end this post, specially to the Cow and Batman. Thankful that I have you both here with me. Sharing you love and all our past. And I wanna quote something batman says.

" Forgiveness doesn't change the past. It brightens our future "

Signing off with love and goodnight world.



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