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Friday, December 2, 2011

Because You Love Me

This is something deep down with me all this while.
Wrote this song while I was still in the depths of a broken heart last Christmas.
Decided to share this today as after my meeting with Nell yesterday. She is really a soulful and sensitive beautiful woman. Her vibe that she has during dinner. Wow. And I found a perfect partner to have southern American Food with me in the future.. We had the craziest time together. Chilli Cheese Fries for appetizers, Fried Chicken Breast with salad, Chicken fingers with sweet buffalo sause for mains. And two rich chocolate smoothies in the end. Beautifully picked. We both just digging in like nobody business. It is just wholesome. What makes dinner more complete when we were talking about the music for the show. "Love is All Around" was our first baby that we wrote together. Even Peter thinks we are writing an opera.

And she started to talk about our next all original love story musical. "Roads"
To tour internationally, to be one of a kind. I am flatted to just listen to her ideas.
Back to this post, This song was written to someone I use to love very much. I still love him but in a different way. Even though I don't have any kinda news from him but I guess this is best for both of us. I am happy now with someone I love now. And he is happy with someone he has in life. I guess this is what you call life goes on after our roads just divert into two different ways. It was a road that we didn't take it together. And after the long personal conversation with Nell, I guess what she says is right. The greatest love is to learn how to let go. It takes much more strength to do so than just having to be with that person. I guess Nell would know why very much with a few of my close friends how exactly that is. It is something I would say not easy to do. Reminded of one particular lyrics me and a friend did many years ago.

Three months and I am still breathing.
Three months and I am still remember it.
Three months and wake up.

But we shall not go into that just yet now. And last but not least, I wanted to dedicate this song below to not just the one I love, but to all that I cared and love in life. My angels, my family, my great buddies. This few days has been writing gold to me. So much inspiration to write on the show. I wish I would make this musical a perfect kinda gift to those who meant to. Sometimes its hard to do so, but I know I have to do it. Beautifully place and perfectly said. I do hope everyone do enjoy as much as I do in this song.

I don't know how I survived
In this cold and empty world
For all this time
I only know that I'm alive
Because you love me

When I recall what I've been through
There's some things
That I wish I didn't do
Now I do the things I do
Because you love me

And now that you're in my life
I'm so glad I'm alive
'Cause you showed me the way
And I know now how good it can be
Because You love me

And now that you're in my life
Oh, I'm so glad I'm alive
'Cause you showed me the way
And I know now how good it can be
Because you love me

I believe in things unseen
I believe in the message of a dream
And I believe in what you are
Because you love me

With all my heart and all my soul
I'm loving you and I never will let go
And every day I'll let it show
Because you love me


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