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Sunday, December 11, 2011


Every happy event will have to come to an end. But mine came a little too sudden. Out of no where the dark side of the world overpowered me. I seem to have lost the way of my decision. Knowing all are to decieve myself that it will all be alright. Going through times where no one knew where am I heading to. Suddenly that part of knowing is unknown now. Sitting under the tree near to a old church. "I blew it all away" was the only thing going through my mind. Knowing where am I heading to in a few hours time. The emptiness yet filled in.
I remembered years ago, after a long touring time. A friend of mine fell rock bottom of her life. Written the most beautiful lyrics ever. At that point, for the first time I stood in her place knowing how she felt. But that knowing has become feeling it. I got no idea at all at this time should I still stand strong? or just let loose and fall a little to take breathe. In so many ways, I got so much to put it all out but I know sometimes it is better kept unspoken. The pain of knowing the truth, knowing the pain and yet knowing you are still here. It felt like no one ever will be knowing what is going on. Let the unknown be unknown. All I know now it has all been just like a show. And I wanna shout out now that

Let The Curtains Fall

This song that my friend wrote with all she had that time is called Irvine. The arrangement wasn't hard at all. She bare herself to let me walk through her. This song is one of the most painfully spiritual, honest,saw and beautiful at the same time. When her voice run through the melody when it was still so raw. It just took me to my knees. And in the end we let it that way to that song. No one understand how anyone of us knowing this. The cold world and tears that no one sees. Its that loneliness that you will ever felt every moment. Even your loved ones were with you. Nothing will come close to cure that numbness. When she recorded it, I only see Isaiah~ The hate flowing through. Pain driven. Doubtful filled. Lost is the only word.

Are you there?
Are you watching me?
As I lie here on this floor
They say you feel what I do
They say youre here every moment
Will you stay?
Stay till the darkness leaves
Stay here with me
I know youre busy, I know Im just one
But you might be the only one who sees me
The only one to save me

Why is it so hard?
Why cant you just take me?
I dont have much to go
Before I fade completely

Can you feel how cold I am?
Do you cry as I do?
Are you lonely up there all by yourself?
Like I have felt all my life
The only one to save mine

How are you so strong?
Whats it like to feel so free?
Your heart is really something
Your love, a complete mystery to me

Are you there watching me?
As I lie here on this floor
Do you cry, do you cry with me?
Cry with me tonight

Are you there?
Are you watching me?


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