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Friday, December 23, 2011

Rest In Peace My Dearest

On Christmas eve I landed in Miami getting ready with our Arms For The Homeless plans. Suddenly news came to me that a very very very dear friend of mine had passed on. Marcus Khoo.

An angel of courage. He was one fighting soul that never gives up life. Marcus, you showed me so much in life and how to love. As your friend., your love is undeniably a great force to me. I wish I had the chance to tell you I love you too very much. You are a friend that no one can seemingly replace. You will be missed every day.

I dedicate this post on Christmas eve for you my dear friend. I had a blast of my life celebrating your bithday on 16th Dec. I never had such a good time. Besides the honour and gratitude being your friend. I will always remember that cold night when you came to the ward when I was in deep pains.

Angels of mine

"Ric, I know I am just a friend. But I love you too. Please stay calm. I know you are in pain and you are not showing. But please let go. At least in front of me. You have always been there for me. Let me be there for you. I know I am not the one to calm you down but I want you to know. My hands are here for you to grip. Let me stay and let me walk you though. At least tonight"

I know you don't want us to morn for you passing and celebrate life. I want that too for my friends. But deep down you know how I feel. I will always miss you. Rest in peace my friend, my dearest, my angel.


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