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Friday, December 16, 2011

Wishing For Love

You've seen the worst of me now
I'm all alone see
You lost me somehow
And what we're fighting for is peace
Are you still in love with me, Or someone else?

Well are you such a dreamer?
Put yourself in my shoes
Careful what you wish for love

I've seen the worst of you too
I let it go see
Because I have to
And when I'm falling on my knees
You'll take my hand in yours
What will be, we'll be

Cause are you such a dreamer?
Put yourself in my shoes
Careful what you wish for love

What's the matter with our ways
I'm missing something, not to blame
But don't you worry, this will pass 
It's only cause my mind's been spinning
No control, I've lost my head
All of this is just beginning
Not enough, it's never enough
I'll only want to keep on dreaming

Cause are you such a dreamer?
Put yourself in my shoes
Careful what you wish for love

Dedication to those who lost something or someone dear to them. But do remember the only thing we can't afford to lose is ourselves. I have lost myself. It was a turmoil of pain and hurt. I was living like the dead for 18 months. Till love brings me back to life. But we have to be careful of what we wish for love. Never be ashamed of love, the person you love. Shout out to the world you are in love. Never have any back logs. Never selfish, never jealous. We have to stand true to ourselves. Without being true to ourself, and our love one, the love will never stay. It takes two to work. But like I always say, Give love to get love. We are not kids any more. I look back at my life, I was the dreamer, but I didn't stood in his shoes. I let pain fell on me. And now, the love I have is not something I could hold. No physical pain will compare to the heartache. We always ask why, how others treated us a certain way. Why not ask ourselves, did we do our best to be? I given love that wasn't hoping for any return. Even now, looking at him walking away from me. I am happy that I did. No standing soul will be able to hold on my pain together. This is a lonesome journey I must take.
Like the song says, careful of what we wish for love.




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