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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

All The Same

Sometimes I wonder why most of the people are selfish and arrogant but yet they didn't seems to see their own doings. I know everyone lives their own life. But somehow just wishing for a better place for us to live in.
First of all, being gay is not as easy as everyone thinks. Especially back here in the states. I will have to salute Malaysian Gay community for being so advanced. But we shall not go there on this post. I just find fitting in does seems much harder than it is. Sometimes, when you see someone you thought may be on the same page. But in the end, the fact is no one will be. Because we are special in our very own way in life.

Many many times, when people start wanting more and more, physically, emotionally, materialistically, or even spiritually. God, tell me about why no one sees what the middle path, or balance can bring much greater in return. I also question this all this while. Why majority of people wanted return on every single thing they do? I am not saying that I do not want it. But sometimes, out of compassion, love, brotherhood, sisterhood, family bond, and many more that any other thing besides death could measure it. When sometimes the more we want, the more we will lose. Anyway, i guess this is just a matter of perspectives. I am glad my parent brought me up a certain way. And on the first time on my blog, I wanna give a shout out.

I am proud of the man I am NOW~

Thank you mom and dad. I am glad you both showed me so much in life and make me wanna be better to make a difference. And another shout out to Daniel Lim. This is specially for you. Without having you in my life, I would even have lost all courage to be here now. Thank you very much for showing me your fearless courage and sincerity. I cherish that for life~ XOXOX


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