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Thursday, December 1, 2011

The Very First Original Song For Oz

The very first song is out. I am so touched when I listen to it.
This is really home. Where you will feel safe.
So much love and so much warmth.
Its awesome. I hope everyone will love it as much as I do.
There is just the lyrics of it. I will keep the full arrangement till opening night.
Comments are welcome. And this song meant so much to me.
Its a past, present and a future.

Final Lyrics for this song.

Title.                 : Love Is All Around
Lyrics by          : Nell Ng
Arr by              : Eric Carter Hah
Perform by       : Glinda in the cast of Oz.
Composed by  :  Eric Carter Hah

When you feel like you are in the dark,
Remember that deep in your heart there’s a spark,
That can light up the world,
And make it glow like a pearl.
All you have to do is turn around,

Put on a smile
And turn your frown upside down.
put on your wings, fly free like a dove,
There are miracles from angels up above.

Put on a smile
And turn your frown upside down.
cuz when you believe your wish will come true.
So smile cuz you've got so much love 
all around.


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