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Saturday, December 17, 2011

True Spirit of Christmas

It is almost the time of the year that everyone is anticipating this beautiful day. While we are talking about christmas, seems everyone on facebook or even twitter take it as a day of indulging themselves or even to have a reason to spend. What going through my mind now is where has the true spirit of christmas has gone.

One of the best status i come across on facebook was wanting to have a special event like clubbing and beautiful nice dinner with their special one. I am not saying is right or wrong to do so. Even i yern to spend my christmas with that special someone. But on this event, have we forgotten then light of christmas? Give back. I wonder how many knows about or read about "The return of Magi" Most of the people will read it as Ma-gi but it is pronounce as Mea-jai. Its an awesome book. I will not touch it on this post.

Summary of it is " life sucks, suck it up and start giving back. Take a stand for a change ourselves first before hoping other does to us." Maybe in this very culture of the world now. I do see two big influence in every walks of life. One is fear another one is greed. Fear is the one in control at the moment. 

Taking about give back, the saddest thing was even many was hoping for returns. What is the point then? Anyhow, true Christmas spirit is we shareour love. Not only to that special someone, but to the world. Especially those who are less fortunate. The homeless rate in the states is rocketing high, And the kids ward, cancer welfare home, HIV centre. They need us. Why not everyone make a change this year. Let us take a stand and finding back the true spirit of Christmas. Together we are one. Together we can make a difference in someonelife. All you need is touch one soul at a time. Lets start with this christmas. If any of you wonder where to start, no matter in Malaysia, United States of America, Singapore and even Hong Kong, as part of the "safe the children welfare commitee, St James Foundation, and pthe local HIV red ribbon centre. We need you. Come to me if you want to get to know more. Life is good. Time to share and make it better for others as well. 

 Merry Christmas everyone~ 

with LOVE, lotsa lotsa love, 



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