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Saturday, December 10, 2011

Life Back In Boston

It is good to be back. After Z100 Jingle Ball in Madison Square, Adam took the opportunity to drive me back up north. All the way he was trying to find out about what is going on with me.
The funny thing is I wonder sometimes how things and news can travel that fast.
But in many ways, that wasn't the thing I wanna talk about this trip. I am back here to find inspiration for Oz.
I need to write one upbeat bubbly naughty tune for the wicked witch.
So I am back here to have as much fun as possible. Anyway Thankful to Adam for dedicating his upcoming album. I am grateful to have your blessings. I wanna act like I didn't know about it but it is hard to act in front of those you love and care. You were a great awesome energy in my life.

Once we arrive, we head to my favourite cafe for breakie. Diesel Cafe right uptown.

A wonderful Cafe Special Sandwich with my all time fav Orange Honeydew MilkShake.
Adam had a Guatamole Tuna toast. 

It was all chilly and cold up here and it is such a wonderful season of the year.
I somehow missed the snow a night before. After breakfast time for shopping to stock up my cupboard.
The best is I bought something I love most.

 Heartland Cereal. I love this to the max. And I love it with my fav way. with mix-berries smootie.
And all afternoon I locked myself at home writing. But sadly to say, nothing came out. So I decided to call my girls out for the night. I decided to break something I have quit years ago. Clubbing. 2 and a half year to be exact. since 14 June 2009. 

Before heading off for the night, I stop by at my fav place to have dinner. Garden Park Place.
I took off early in the evening. Walking through the university. It was a nice beautiful place to walk through.
Beautiful snow path, quiet and peaceful. Somehow you came into the picture outta no where. 
But it was a great memory. 

Since it was the 15th of the Lunar Month. I decided to go vegan. 
We were suppose to meet here at this beautiful restaurant.
Nice ambience.

 A sneak peak of what I am having for dinner. It was awesome. Great green dish. One of my all time fav, glutamole or aka avacardo. The dinner went great. Pictures of the night out on my other post. So many things happen and I wanna share every single bit of it with all of you. Emotionally, I guess I am trying to go on with everything that is happening now. I wanna put every single thing at the back of my mind and just live on and focusing on the musical. I needed full focus on this. No distractions. I wanna be emotionally ready for this. Willing to give back. Paying my dues. The path had laid for me. Fate has been decided and life goes on. Just am as thankful every breathe as I take.

There is something really funny I wanna share here. Firstly I was coughing really bad for the past week. It became real bad till sleeping is a problem for me. What funny was what happen that night with my neighbour. It's now 2am. A straight couple who were my neighbour were f*cking and screaming out loud at the window. I can hear everything including the body hitting each other. It was all because the window is next to my headboard. The moan from that guy made me a little turn on but the image of how my neighbour looks like scares me. Believe me you don't wanna know. This is where the location is.
Last but not least. I know it would be such a pain in the ass to be a friend of mine. But I am loving it. I dedicate this picture to my beloved Rainer Lim. I wrote this on the ground and I wonder how does it sound. I just love the fact of torturing her when I know I am having this white christmas here in Boston.

P/S -Next Post
Santa Speedo Run 2011. And yes you read it right. Speedos. Sneak Peak. Enjoy~

With a lot of love a few thousand miles away.



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