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Monday, December 19, 2011

Relates To The Pain

Hearts break too fast
When the sentimental
Won't stay, won't last
When it's love at first sight
So why are my convictions
Blinded by your spotlight
Can't breathe, can't sleep
Need some medication
I'll kiss goodbye to my reservations
I know there's other fish out in the sea
Not for me
I want you

Hot beat, cold sweat
Thoughts slippin' under
Can't fight, no threat
Cause there's just no use
One look no hesitation
I'm slippin' into you
Forgive these eyes
These lips you're tasting
No time to waste on an invitation
My shame, my self control
Has suffered enough
And everybody wants to be loved

I haven't seen the best that love has had to offer
They say perfection's always right around the corner
Could be true

If I can't have you
Then I don't want anyone
I don't want anyone
If I can't have you
Then all the damage has been done
We can break these rules
If you wanna have some fun
Think of all the love that you would lose
If I can't have you

Think of all the love that you would lose
If I can't have you

Relating the pain of others that you cared in life. Beside the lyrics, I have nothing more to say. I wanna lessen the pain for my angels. But sometimes, you can't do anything but just stand in their shoe to feel what they feel. And when you know how is that feeling is, you would just shut up and stand quietly beside him till he is ready to move on. Cause you know the pain is so familiar and you know nothing you can do to help but just be there.


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