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Thursday, December 29, 2011

A Friend That Came Outta Nowhere

Arrived home safely from NYC. In many ways. The vibe of the house plays a big part on our emotions.
During my trip back. Somehow missing a certain past of mine. I fell into the mist of my own realm.
While I was sinking myself with Iron and Wine's Flightless Bird American Mouth, a sudden pop out on facebook notification. A friend of mine - Michael, posted "Well controlled... Before the first tear drops.. Thanks buddy."
I as usual, trying to get outta my negativity, I extended my concern. As what happen to my friend I will not go further. It is not in my rightful way to talk about it here.

And in many ways, he brought so much outta himself. I am impressed with him. Honestly, I am glad that in so many ways, he is taking things the way men beyond his age does. As I can put it in short. Two melancholy guys from different world collided. I am glad that we talked. In many ways, I know that no one on earth would know how Michael feel. but with empathy. I try to put myself in his shoes. And I am glad he did the same. Found out in the end, I am not so lonely at all. There are still people who still believe and do the same thing like I am doing. And I am thankful that he proves it to me that it just take a little concern to those you call friend and get to know them better.

But I do wanna dedicate this post to him. My dear Michael, remember this.

"No one will know what is best beside you. 
All I will do is assure that you can count on me to be there for you all the way.
I will stand by you."

And to Michael, there are a lot of questions you asked earlier, all answers can be found here. When you are free, browse though. It will give you a much better detail of my life.

I wouldn;t just say this to have anyone attention. To those who are worth to be. I know there are many more. I am so glad with what happen to me the past 21 months. Unbelievably so many beautiful souls I have met and touched me with their own way. To list down their names here is hardly impossible. But I know you guys know who you are. Like Nell always says :

Touch one soul at a time, eventually we will touch the world. 

So many inspirational people and filled with so much love. I always believe what we want, we have to give. Give love to get love. Give care to get care. Give money to get money. Give time to get time. What comes around goes around. I am thankful. How much better can 2011 can get with just days left. I lost so much and I gain even more than I should have. Besides grateful I dunno what else to say. 

2012 awaits greatness. Happy new year everyone. 

With lotsa love,



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