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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Arm The Homeless

I was such in a vibe of goodness around me. Usually I should be tired after a long road trip down to Manhattan but I can't wait to share with the world. Playing "Love. Death and Birth" in the background. All the inspiration of sharing this is a must do. Me, Adam, Callie, Naya and Joseph was spreading love around celebrating the spirit of Christmas.

I felt such ashamed of myself that I locked myself up for Christmas. But I am glad I am all out to share the love I have. Deep down to be honest, it still hurts somehow. Memories of you and me having our first Christmas together in Suntec and all. But I am proud of myself that I take a stand for myself. Thanks to all the wonderful souls around me.

After days of talking Adam and Naya into this ( I figure that with star power could make much more a difference for the homeless). We took a trip from Boston down to Manhattan to share our love. But first of all, Thanks to Adam for the wonderful ride. It was also my first time having to ride your "Hippo" Thanks for your love.
After a 4 and a half hour drive, here we arrive in the heart of NYC. I will not elaborate more on the journey.
What welcome us was all the big smile. Sharing out love during Christmas was one of the best experience I have ever had to bring all misery in life looks as if it doesn't matter any more. We touched so many young little hearts. The idea of them having a normal Christmas as other kids tear me apart.

This is Callie teaching this little girl to make her own stuff doll. Look at her smile. How could you not give the time we have just to make them smile? All it takes is just " how are you sweetie? "
We sing along tunes of Christmas, we dance along with them. We were not the only ones there. There is another senior group was having a mini master class teaching them to Jam and sing.
Besides that, I was surprise what Adam did. He volunteered to bring the kids for a ride in the limo.
And to our amazement, they did a beautiful card for us.
I wanted to Santa so bad. But I wasn't qualified. Damn.. I still have one little thing on my list to do this year. 
I wanted to be Santa. So wanted to spoiled the little angels so damn bad. The other group even brought their own Mascot. How I wish I was better prepared this year. There is always next Christmas for me to bring joy to them. I just wanted the best for them. Their smile worth so much. More than words could describe.

By the end of the day, we had a group shot. Everyone remembered Naya. To my surprise, non of them seems to have notice who is Adam actually. But as she does best, sharing her BIG BIG SMILE with them. Can anyone spot Naya in the picture above? Damn I miss her already. She was not just a big help. A walking joker. The journey would be boring without her endless jokes. So much energy in her. and look at all that faces.

Even I am in the states. I was also sharing all this with my friends and family in Malaysia. The best part was I was talking to my friend Julian earlier. And I got to know he was a fan of Adam. So I shared a snap shot of Adam. And the best part was what he wrote on the picture that Adam was like saying he has no more reason to lie to himself he needs a diet. My dear, you are one soul who really zig when everyone thought you would zag. We love you as much.
Stopping to get snacks on our way back to Boston.
Anyway, since I am talking about this, why not I share it out too. I am so gonna be strangle by him if he found out. Haha.. but what is the laugh without all this joy? Its Christmas time. Lets share all this love and joy with the world.

Merry Christmas everyone..

With love



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