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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

I Can't Break Now

"Breaking your own heart" playing at the background. For the first time after so long. I have to admit that I am vulnerable.
Body aching, feet swelling, and somehow the body just gives in.
And I am feeding into the fears and emptiness.
Somehow for the time being, I am manage to still talk properly.
Deep down there, where the bottomless depths continues, falling into that labyrinth.
I took the courage to talk to my inspirational role model about my condition at the moment.
As strong as all the Leo are, she wanted to lessen the burden. But it has not been any and I promise that.
Nell, Thanks for listening me out. When many hears what I am conveying, you stood there and listen patiently.m
Strong words and energy felt. Metta that you shared. Sukhi hotu~
After so long for a long time, tear drops scribble down. Reading the email Emma sent.
I have felt miserable knowing you sprain yourself while you were just out there looking for a glimpse of me and a friend. Deep down, I was asking why would you do such things? You have known me for just months even we if we date the encounters which was years. Why would you stood in the rain for a prayer?
I know in many ways, this will be the very best for all.

I explained to Nell why the musical was important to me.
And after listening to all. Below are the beautiful quotes from her I wanna share with the world.

If wanna do it, give generously. Don't keep score.
Loving someone sometimes means having to let go

It takes more strength and courage to let go than just to hold on.

Whenever you are in pain, visualize yourself healthy and well.
See yourself happy with him

Wow! That is amazing. Will I meet him? 
You are loved. Lets celebrate now :)

Do you miss him?
Each time you miss him, send him love and see how that makes you feel. 
Turn everything into beautiful thoughts.

New Lyrics :
When you feel like you are in the dark,
Know that deep within you there is a spark, 
That can light up the world,
And make it glow like a pearl.
All you have to do is turn around, 
Put on a crown and thurn the frown upside down.

Feel your love flying free like a dove,
feel your joy like you've just got a new toy.
Feel it, breathe it, live it, cause you know you will make it. 

You are the inspiration of this Eric. Thank you. 
I think  I'll work on it as Glinda's song in place of my fav song.
Coz we wanna make originals ma .
Goooooood nite

I do miss him from time to time. But when she asked me how do it feel?
I would be lying that if it doesn't prickle a little. But I say I smile everytime he came into my thoughts.
Cause I have someone to miss. To me, He is a miracle.
My miracle, my home, where I feel safe.
I am happy and it is nothing sad I can assure. 
The story is beautiful.
Wanna break free, wanna be loved. 
And in the end, love is always there.
I owed him some peace. I will be lying if I say I don't miss him now.
But like what suggested. I share my love and wish you would be well and happy.
I do hope when you watch yellow brick road to oz you will understand why this is my last gift to you.
Well, I guess I have said enough for tonight. Hope you guys enjoying reading my post about love.
I hope this would be the last. From next week onwards, it will purely on the production.
Magical event coming up. I hope all my faithful readers will come to the show for an all malaysian production of Oz. I will assure you that it will not only be magical, it will filled with love and faith.
Can't wait to share it with you guys. 


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