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Sunday, September 2, 2012


Hear the ghosts in the moonlight
Sorrow doing a new dance
Through their bone, through their skin

To the souls in the fool's night
Fumbling mutely with their rude hands
And there's heartache without end

See the father bent in grief
The mother dressed in mourning
Sister crumbles, and the neighbors grumble
The preacher issues warnings

Little miss didn't do right
Went and ruined all the true plans
Such a shame, such a sin

Home alone on a school night
Harvest moon over the blue land
Summer longing on the wind

Had a sweetheart on his knees
So faithful and adoring
And he touched me and I let him love me.
So let that be my story

For the hope, for the new life
Something beautiful, a new chance
Hear it's whispering
There again

This song is precisely about how so often sex is portrayed as an evil, sinful, disgusting essence, and how truly wrong that is. "History, Little miss didn't do right, Went and ruined all the true plans, Such a shame, such a sin". This, I believe, is referring to Eve, the woman who created the first sin, and then became shameful of her body, and how naturally everyone assumed that it is wrong to be free with your body, your one true possession. No one wants to accept her, or what she feels right, even if it is love. "Fumbling mutely with their rude hands, And there's heartache without end" could refer to how sex is now grabbed out for people looking for a quick release, and no emotional comfort. Truly, truly, a beautiful piece of musical theater.

Ok, maybe not so much on Eve. But how sex is being educated behind closed doors by many out there. And I am not talking places like Malaysia. Even in the states. And yet, it isn't about homosexuality I am talking just yet. This song is really beautiful and haunting at the same time. The regrets and pain. Lost of direction when the society sees as a sin and shameful event. I sometimes, couldn't blame the society either. Look at all the abortion rate, rape, pedophiles, social illness, HIV, and everything around us. I am not saying that it is the right way to educated their kids, but parents are always concerned. I couldn't say I understand them as I am not a parent myself. Something went wrong somewhere. 

Oh God, I am suppose to do my orchestration but I ended up listening to songs and starting to blog about them. I am kinda feeling too much, am I not? But anyhow, what really makes us think about this? I couldn't remember anything like that. Sometimes, when it comes to sex, you just kinda do it. Without thinking most of the time. And I am not talking about making love with the one you decided to have a monogamy relationship with. As human, (MEN) for instants, we have urges that we couldn't control at times. When it happens, most of us just give in to it and let it happen. No consciences and moral value involve. I am not representing everyone but talking as a whole. I really am trying to understand why but I couldn't find that answer. It isn't wrong having sex. But it will all goes wrong when it is irresponsible sex. I just wish I understood the song more. But I just couldn't tap into that emotions at all at this minute. 

Share ya views please. Would be great to hear what is on your mind on this. 


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