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Friday, September 21, 2012

A New Celebration - Idiotic Way

In many ways, I love my boys. They just know how to make things better even with the hardest way life could treat you. I am really impressed with what is really going on in their head. Sometimes, I even wonder if they are ever from the same planet as I do.

As usual, whenever I see my boys, the topic of - SEX will never fail to surface. It is just pure madness and seriously I was laughing so hard, I couldn't even finish dinner. Ron and Brandon are straight and the only gay guys are me and Dumdum. As usual, personal attack is inevitable. But in a good way I suppose. It all went pretty well before the drinks started. As usual, I meet up with Dumdum first for a quick bite. Seriously, even it is just weeks, I miss him so much.

I kinda needed him to stick around. But with his hilarious tour schedule, it is barely possible. But I know he really made time to see me and dine with me. It is just like being around my girls. Haha.. I think that is kinda a common ground for us. Anyhow, he is as messy as he was, unlike what we see on the cover of rolling stones. Sometimes I wonder why isn't he that way? Anyhow, he is just a great guy to me. Not an icon or artist. A friend I would call.

During dinner, I guess that out of concern AGAIN, my choice of staying celibate for a year seems to be like a problem to them. God I really wish I understood what they are thinking at the moment. I really do wonder is it that bad to just stay celibate? I have my reasons to fulfill such task but it is just for one year and it has already been like 7-8 months now. What is wrong with that? Oh my god, if you guys were there, I think you guys will just faint with all the reasons they could come out with.

Honestly, I still don't understand like why choosing to stay celibate for a year is like a big deal to many. The funniest thing was Dumdum says that if I don't start having sex, my balls are just like two big bags of corn soup. That is really grouse for the record. Imma just impressed with all the ideas they came out. Even Ron says that I might be having a transition of being a pussy. What the hell was that?!?! It was really a great night out.

Anyhow, we did talk about the condition that I am facing at the  moment, and believe it or not, they are just classic. Ron and Dumdum was happy. They says that if I would stay miserable, that means more good song I could write for them! What the fuck! I do write happy songs too. Umm.. I think I did. Never mind. But being with them it just shows me that in life, no matter how bad things could go wrong, you always know who are there with you and just see you for who you are. Not another sick person. For that, it is really something worth celebrating. And also not missing out my chance to say this, Mr D, do remember I would always be that person who celebrate your life with no matter under what circumstances. Whatever crap the world is giving you, I just want you to know that all of us are here with you.

Anyhow, time for me to head to bed. It is getting late. The cold autumn air filled up the whole city. Looking out my window, all I know now how much I miss Cow, I miss home, and I miss Malaysia food! I really can't wait to get back. And also a special shout out to my boy Garend!!! Happy Birthday!! How many candles again on the cake??? See I love you so much!!!

Signing off, Good nitey world.


  1. LOL.. What about it Chen Xing?! Don't tell me it is really turning into soup too.



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