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Saturday, September 22, 2012

The Dare Of Truth... Or Not

Ok fine, I am being dared by a close friend and a blogger too here. As agreed, no names to be named here. But I did not accept any challenge just yet at the moment. I am being dared to blog about something really intimate and erotic here. What is wrong with that bloody fella. I feel like killing him and tearing him into pieces once I touch down in KL or just give him a big tight hug and snog him like there isn't tomorrow.

I am trying to find peace and wanting to keep things simple. I don't see his angle yet so far for me to do so. But I am still wondering why he dares me to do such thing. It isn't like I dare or not to do so. But I just gotta know his angle. I am still wondering why does he have such idea to do such challenge.

In a way, it is partially excited and not so excited to it. I don't know. it is just something that I always think it's private and yet it might be something new to what I always blog about. Hmm..

Contemplating about it. I am not saying I am not going to do it, nor I am doing it just yet.


  1. Haha.. Chen Xing, I kinda decided to give it a pass on that. Maybe somethings are meant to be private I suppose. And I seriously consider he is just up with all kinda ideas to get me out from my celibacy state. :P



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