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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

It Was Just 8 Days

The summer rain pour in the pitch dark nights.
It was like all other nights. I closed my eyes telling myself it would be alright.
But the streak of painless nights were gone.
A knife was cutting through my abdominal. Again.
The last time I felt this was just 8 days ago.

The world seems to be beautiful again, I was feeling the dark beauty of despair.
It didn't wanted to stop, and I didn't call out to the knights in my prayers.
I wanted them to have thought things gonna be just beautiful as it was.
I knew that it was the incantation of empty hope.
I swallow all the pain back in. Remembered those painless nights.
It was just 8 days ago.

It was familiar. I wanted it to go away, But it smiled to me, saying hello.
While all I could do is just breath in and telling myself it will go away soon.
But the knives never stop cutting through me. It was like a party gone wild.
I felt that they just wanted to come out and play, but it never came to getting in out.
I resisted the idea of it coming out to play, I swallow down all the warmth that is left.
It felt the same 8 nights ago.

There was a sweet heart on the street, so faithful and always smile in his glory.
He was out of reach, I could just picture him in my mind while the pain whisper to me.
I wanted the knives to stop cutting. But it just wont do so. At least it wasn't now.
They were faceless, but yet I see them as a familiar friend that accompanied me all these 7 years.
And the past 7 days there were not bothered to visit me and I could just not remembered the good times.
They came in grandeur, I was eating down the pain that is left inside.
I didn't wanted the let my knights know that it is cutting me from the inside again,
As I remembered, it was good 8 days ago where it didn't came back to haunt me.

Swallowing down the usual pills helps, but it didn't work this time,
It was like an old friend, they just knew how to make you realize how much you missed them.
I was just holding on to myself now and recall the last time they were out of control
I knew the journey has just begun, the nostalgia beauty stands in grace.
I remembered it was just 8 days ago.


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