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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Malaysian Stupidity Again!

I actually don't feel that offended anymore. Maybe I guess that I have seen how stupid they could get. I actually pity them more than feeling that they are actually against the LGBT society. I don't pity them in their stupidity but I do in their lack of understanding.

What is really sad to see what damage they did to themselves. If they even realize they have made one of the greatest joke on earth. With the latest post by a University lecturer statement. What really made him look bad is how could a person with such high education status make such a statement. And this reflect how the country's education status is. As an educator, whatever statement made reflects the whole system. It is just sad to see that.

The link below is the statement he had madeThe Stupidity Continues with Associate Professor Dr Samsul Adabi Mamat of UKM - University Kebangsaan Malaysia says these people should migrate to the West if they want to continue their lifestyle. I actually wonder do they really know what is the definition of sexual orientation. It has been a laughing stock around the globe. I couldn't really blame dad now whenever he says our education level is beyond repaired. I kinda get it now.

I lived in the west half of my life. Do they really think LGBT are widely accepted in the west? And do they think that the few places in the west that accepted LGBT comes just like that? LGBT are branded since their awakening. That is the way of life would be in this world for us. Do we care? Yes we do. But is there any other way? Besides keep on educating people to understand what we are is what we can do.

But looking on the bright side, it is another way for us to be stronger. At one point in the past, I remembered I recorded a piano demo last year March on my soundcloud. I just shared this song with one of my close friend Shinigami. It was just a simple tune that is filled with what I wanna expressed. But until Adam took this and gave life to it. Sharing this song with you guys on the playlist here. The lyrics that Adam did is just superb.
Everywhere we go
I'm lookin' for the sun.
Nowhere to grow old.
and always on the run.
They say we'll rot in hell
but i don't think we will
They've branded us enough
Outlaws of love.

The message he wanted to bring through the song is so strong. The lyrics made it alive. Listening to the whole song carefully. And they way Adam made it. Feel his heart while conveying that message through music. I never listen to anything that haunting and beautiful. Like ever. Thanks to the magic touch of Benny Blanco the producer to make it so beautiful.That is the way of life everywhere for LGBT. Why do you really think till now it is so hard for them to come out to their parents? Why is it so hard for them to be themselves in the eyes of public. This is happening everywhere. East, West, North and South. But we are striving every single minute in our life. We can't change they way what people think of us. What we can do is try to make them understand that sexual orientation isn't a choice. It is how the human gene creates us. It isn't a lifestyle like what that professor said it is. We are being bullied everywhere in the world. We are being labeled. But does this mean it is ok that we are born to be bullied? Born to live this life? But we survived. If they could just understood what are the pressure that we have been living through life. We are nothing but the same as they are.

They may think the west are more encouraging in terms of accepting LGBT. But this is not something that comes over night. The society fought through hard times. Till today, it is still not easy for LGBT to be accepted in the west. Everyday on the news, you can find how LGBT is being treated all around the world. It is not something that by saying that the country isn't accepting such culture. I emphasis this again. Being gay
 isn't a culture or a lifestyle. We are born this way. And by saying this, I am not implementing Lady Gaga's influence by her music culture. We are the way we are.

No matter how life could possibly be, this is not a culture we choose to be. This is not a lifestyle we wanted and we are not born just to be stronger than anyone else so we could still be standing after being bullied. No one does. But why do we live through this? Because of love. The love that brings us into this world. Even if it isn't so, the love we have for life. That we keep on breathing after all the crap is being thrown at us. And this is something worth celebrating. I do really wish that instead of letting this comedy keep going in the eyes of the world, please do care about the society. The social illness around us, unwanted pregnancy. The education system in the country. The crime rate and the homeless around us. All those issue are in dire need of attention. Instead of keep letting the joke rolling on why not do something worth while to the society.


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