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Monday, September 10, 2012

Honor Sept 11

There have been a ton of blog posts and news coverage about today, 11 years since the attack on the World Trade Center and Pentagon. I don’t want to make a long, drawn out post about what I was doing that day. I couldn't fathom how a plane had hit a building as large as the World Trade Center. I thought it was an accident. When the second plane hit, I was at a loss for words. I barely knew what the word terrorism meant. I was 17, in college and I actually had to look the word up in the dictionary. I lived such a sheltered life. While I was over 5000 miles away from ground zero, that day will live in my mind for my entire life. I remember listening to the radio that day and watching the news coverage, thinking I was watching history in the making. Years from now my kids or nephew will ask me about that day, which I lived through as they study it in school and they read about it in textbooks. I was watching American History books being written as that day unfolded.

Please take a moment and pause your day. Think about those you love, and those who lost someone they love on that day. Be grateful we are alive, and grateful for all we have. America may be far from a perfect country, but it’s our country. A world's country. We united being part of this world, fighting for those lives that we have lost. Giving the honor to remember this tragic day. Never forget how the world comes together as one. We stand as one. 


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