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Monday, September 10, 2012

A Dicky Morning?!?!

Ok, I know that there is still a long way to Christmas. But just loving Melinda's tune. A great song to wake up to. Just felt right to put it up. As time passes really really fast. It is 4 more days to my big day. What Imma gonna miss is being here blogging. The least I would be away for 4 - 5 days. I don't really know how to put this, I really kinda am confused about how I feel. Maybe part of me just do not wanna feel it. I don't know.

Waking up today is such a beautiful and hilarious thing. Once my songs started to play, my lil brother came to me with something warmth and funny. Have anyone tried mixing milk tea with coffee? My lil brother made me this cuppa and he ask me in the most funny way.

Rick, do you know what is this called? he asked. I was really thinking about it. So I say coffee and tea. And he smirk at me and say No.. It is called "Ko-teh" (Kopi + Teh in malay which is also a vulgar word for the dick in malay) I really laugh real hard. Way to start my day. Imma gonna miss him very much once my family are going back. This is really a tough reality for me to know that they are not around me.

Anyway, just a quickie updaate, I came to tell Mr D about what is gonna happen in 4 more days. What really is painful is what we really shared. I dunno about anyone, for me, it is kinda not easy for both of us. He told me to be ready during his birthday bash if there is any. I am feeling what really is painful is that we both knew that it isn't easy to face our demons. But I suppose that it is another story to tell. :)

Lovely morning y'all!


  1. Hahah.. I know no matter how I answer it will still sound so wrong!!

  2. Lol, and I prefer Nescafe every other weekday morning than "ko-teh".


    <---Whoa ! Yet, you changed another display pic. Look nice !

  3. Hahaha.. I love coffee as it is. Just no idea how on earth my lil brother just came up with that to make my day! Gonna miss him so much!

    Aw... Thanks.. The picture and song list changes daily.. LOL

  4. Oh ok. Not only that you are into music, you like cam-whoring too !

  5. LOL.. Guilty! That only happens when you are photogenic! In real.. Vomit blood! LMAO



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