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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Autumn's Day

The beautiful autumn leaves starting to drop, and there I was, sitting there having my breakfast alone. Reflecting the changes of life and how we should live in the present and not planning too far ahead. The game has changed. I wish I could easily put down in words but Imma not quite ready just yet.

The English Breakfast that I use to enjoy tasted bitter. The cold breeze is torturous. I suppose it is when we move into another phase, everything doesn't really matter if you use to like them or anything. Maybe I was too naive, hoping for something that was that simple and direct. I have forgotten that these two little words couldn't possibly associate with me.

Life is beautiful in its own way. Whenever you think it will zig, it zag. The way of life makes it interesting. Up for it or not, it is something we got no power on stopping it but we do have the will to live it. Like it or not, it isn't a choice. I'm not gonna make myself sounded negative in it. Wanting to go on is not a choice but a must to me. The freedom is the ultimate goal. Without any obstacle, this isn't life I suppose. What makes us an individual, is how we take everything one step at a time.

I'm feeling a little dehydrated. My tiredness comes in, but looking at the faces around me, it is never a word I could use to describe how much I am being loved. They are my motivation, they are my gravity, they are my family. I wouldn't be that selfish to just let them down after all, it's been years now. What is wrong with a few more years to keep fighting on? Just like every autumn, leaves will drop, the cold winds comes, getting ready for winter. And after all these, spring is just right at the corner, waiting to jus welcome summer with its glorious warmth. And the cycle will jus continues. No way to alter, no way to change the way nature is. That is a truth that will never change.

Adorn with the garland of giving,
Feeling joy and dignity with kind living
Dwell only in states of clarity
Great beauty results with integrity.

Adorn with fragrance of victorious activities
For other a care and sensitivity
Dwell only in a state of contentment
A heart removed of the thorns of resentment.

Adorn with the sweetness of tranquility
Soft rapture from a life of simplicity
Dwell only in the state of calm peace
Mental turbulence and distraction all cease.

Dwell only in the state of peace and happiness
A mind of wise discernment and openness.

The three poison of wrong view, conceit and craving
No longer hinder or cause inner tightening
Vow deeply to develop the true way
Adorned in the heart then freedom will lay.



  2. Shud check out how Barbra did in the 70s. That one is legend.



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