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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Different Lives

Everyone lives in a very different lives apart of what they are living. It isn't really something bad or good. It is how the environment that leads us to be in that way. And part of it, it is just the way how we survived nowadays. In this world we are living in, the norm plays a very dominant role. And breaking the norm isn't something human accepts easily.

I was tweeting with one of the blogger I recently followed, we were talking about social network and stuff. And we touched on the topic of being an angel, human and the devil. This is some kinda joke many may think. But I would just say bullshit! We all are living in that kinda life. Unless you are an infant. They I couldn't say anything.
I guess we are living the way the environment mold us into. We are just humans. And in many ways, there is nothing wrong at all with what we are doing in life. We just wanna survive. 

The part of us are just goodie two shoe kinda person. I know I do that on my Facebook! It isn't being not real or whatsoever. Cuz I have my family members there. I mean, there will be boundaries that we must abide. On second thought, I am not so much a goodie two shoe to begin with. But it is just a form of respect. Parents will always be parents. Don't tell me we understand them, unless you are one. :P And by the way, I came out to my family and they accepted me. But even having said so, there are still certain boundaries I choose to respect.

This is something more interesting! This is the "Sampat" - Crazy. me. That would definitely on my twitter account. I kinda speak my mind. I spammed on twitter like no ones business. Whatever I am feeling, it is all out there. At one point, I didn't realize that people are paying attention to my crap. Until a close friend of mine told me that people actually read my tweets. I was like "Wha?? Don't they have better things to do??"

But anyhow, I am trying not to be that annoying. I don't know about others, but I really talk crap. Even it is what I really feel from time to time. Somehow this part is something more of human part that I would be. But having said so, still there are certain boundaries. Even all are close friends and all, still, some details are meant to be private. Not as that friends doesn't know about it, it is just something you sometimes prefer the "Silent Understanding" I think you guys know what I am trying to say here anyway.

Last but not least, the devil. Everyone has a devil in them no matter how innocent they wanna be. I am not saying anything about being fake. But I believe everyone has dark secrets in their life. The part that we choose to let loose once a while. Especially when we are younger. Oh my god, I can't believe I am talking like an old man. I am 28! Anyhow back to the topic. I guess my Google plus account is just semi devil. I got loads of devil profile. Which I haven't been on them for a long time. Like on Planet Romeo, Grindr, Jack'd. I sometimes couldn't believe what I did there. The pictures are crazy! And I am not talking about naked pictures. Or some of my video profiles. I would just keep my mouth shut and let the imagination of yours run around with that. Hahaha.. *Evil Laughs*

Anyway, I believe few wonder why all the naked men pictures for this post right? LOL.. I don't really know why.. Maybe a little devil horns are growing on my head while I am writing this. Anyway, After talking to that friend of mine being these characters that we have within us. Just find it kinda interesting to blog about. Just wanna share it with you guys. It is indeed a beautiful day today. Hope you guys enjoy yours too.


  1. which head?? hahaha =P

    ok ok, ignore the 1st sentence XD think i only have the devil and human part in me..never mom's little angel =P LOLLLLL

  2. I've got the devil and angel stuck in a human body! Help..hahaha.

    Ok the part that caught my attention was the part you said something about video??? Under the Devil title.. lol *wink wink*

  3. soul232 - haha.. I am never an angel to my mom. Even im out with my family and all. But extended family is always something that really annoys me. It is just something I am trying to be an angel I suppose. Cuz i love them. And I know they wud say it is ok, but it is just somehow I wanna protect them too. I am happy that my parents accepted me being gay but what others say may hurt them. Thats all I really cared about.

    AD.. I can't stop thinking about you winking non stop.. It is kinda creepy yet funny!! And I am like totally ignoring what you are asking about.



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