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Friday, September 28, 2012

Pain Is

Came across this song after it was strongly recommended by the Great Linda Perry. When I listen to it, I felt my world has just turn around. Everything was so right. I understood why Linda love this song. Alex (Hepburn) had the grasp in her voice. A little resembles Linda's but yet, another honest tune by an artist.

Sometimes, I really do wonder why great artist are always under-appreciated. Some make it but some dies off just like that. Linda is one of the greatest song writer-singer that I really have high respect of. But still, I am being asked sometimes, who is she and all that. Going back years ago, when Adele had her first album which won her 2 Grammys. No one even knew her. (most of my friends) Some even thinks her music sucks. But she had her big break with Some One Like You. And now, she is the hottest topic to talk about. Everyone agrees that she is the greatest singer that ever stood in the industry.

I realize being in this industry is very ironic sometimes. You could do what people likes or something honest to yourself. I believe many may not find Alex Hepburn's song to their taste. But my question is, should we compromise ourselves to just survive in doing what we love? I always stood at that brink where I could never find the right answer to it.

Even that these few days is really terrible for me physically, but this song really made me realize one thing, a heartache could never compare with any physical pain possible. It somehow change my emotions. In a good way I suppose. Anyway, don't really wanna talk about my condition. That isn't the topic of this post anyway.

As I was writing this, Christina Aguilera's new video Your Body is released. All I could say is WOW!! Hot Mama!!! She looks absolutely stunning in it. But with the video, I am pretty sure the press will start to attack her soon enough. It may be disturbing to many out there. But she always own it up to it! Proud of her with all her works after more than a decade! I salute you Xtina!

Anyway, I was also talking to my bestie, and I think she was made famous by me on twitter in the past. She is the one bitch that we always fuck each other up! Let's us call her Ms Rain. She really knows how to make me feel better after all the huha that I am going through. I'm gonna dedicate one post just to talk about her. In these few days, I promise.


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