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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Never Gone by Colton Dixon Debut At No 2 On iTunes

It debut at No 2 on the Christian & Gospel Charts in iTunes! I am just out of words!
Colton, you owned that song! I'm really proud of you.
I wish I could explain the excitement in me but I just couldn't find the words to.
Updated to share the song here too on my playlist. Hope you guys love it!

To my bestie! I dedicate this song to you. No matter where we are. No matter what happen, This song speaks all what I wanna tell you. I'm not gonna talk about it and make this post crappy. :) Love you loads buddy! I really miss you!

I think Imma gonna stop talking and let you guys check the song out! Please guys, if you guys like it, get it on iTunes! Don't let good music die off. We have done our part to give the best to the world. Keep this spirit going! But I am really thankful for all the love and support given till today! I really do not know how much I could say to thank you guys. It really meant the world to me. Love you guys much.


  1. Love this song. His live is also very nice compare to some pop music artists. =p

  2. Thank you Shin Yong! Glad you love it! And because of all of the support! Never Gone is now at Number One on iTunes! Thank you so much!

    He is truly a great artist. Very honest one in his music! His lyrics are all near perfect!



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