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Friday, September 21, 2012

What Could Go Wrong Right?

Feeling pretty mellow today. I wish I could like be jumping up around like I use to. But now I guess the timing isn't right after the opt. But all is still well I suppose. Sinking myself with a little jazz and gospel music today. I realize how sexy the sound of a marimba could be. Good news are rolling in these few days. Not just about me, but also about those I really cared for in life.

I gotta congrats my Cow. Her album is now officially certified platinum! I knew it will be great. She could sing the phonebook and still sounded good. I love you girl! Keep doing what you are doing. You are meant to being so much joy with ya voice.

My both of my bestie that end up together. Congrats to them too for their third anniversary. Seems like the wedding bells will be sounding real soon. God, soon I will be the only single fellow. Any takers? I am real cheap. Ice-cream and cheese burgers will buy me. LOL..

I don't know it is just me or the music or even the meds. All I know lying here listening to how Cow did the song, feeling every bit of her voice and understand when she wrote this song. I guess I am talking crap again. But Andrew would know what I am trying to say here. God I miss everyone back in Malaysia. I haven't congratulate him yet till now. Anyway, I have been trying to stay away from Facebook to avoid negativity. I got no idea but sometimes the way how others react to some little thing in life just annoys me much. 

Some ways, I am kinda glad with what I am going through in life. I know it hasn't been easy for me and my family to cope with my cancer since 7 years ago, but I am kinda happy with everything. I do see a lot of things in it's best way. But yes, I am not gonna deny too on my melodramatic side of myself that surface once a while. Well, this is life right? We should be loving every single day. It is too short for us to give hate. Living with empathy and understanding of others really made me who I am today.

Been reading a lot of blogs these few days. I guess the word Love is what drives the walks of life. I would be lying if I say I don't need love. I guess those who knew me knows that I am a sucker for that. Even my write up on my resume stated clearly I live to love. I know it is kinda lame but this is who I am I suppose. Even saying so, I feel that sometimes, when it happens it happens, when it doesn't it just doesn't. I don't know do I actually make sense or not. But just how I felt about it. 

Just like this song. I do not know that will you guys feel what I am feeling right now with it. Kelly just know how to tell a story when she sings. I will let you guys judge it yourself. She never sounded better doing ballads. 

I know I am just being on the surface in many aspects, but gimme a little time to let it sink it. I know you guys will be reading this. (as if I don't know that you guys been doing this for years. I am not dumb too :-P) I just need a little space to let everything sink in. I wouldn't say it is bad news nor good news. I guess all I can say is come what may. I know you guys love me but I really just need some time. :) You guys will understand I know. For that, I love you loads!

So, sit back and enjoy Kelly does what she does best. - Moo'ing! Lol.. Andrew, I know you gonna role ya eyes when I always make fun of her. I just miss all of you. I really do. I couldn't just describe how much I do.


  1. Thanks for sharing a little part of you here.

    More importantly, we should love ourselves even more.

    Have a great weekend to you !

  2. Huh? I am confused now. What did I say? LOL..
    Love is universal. Loving others it is also a way to love ourselves. Anyhow, Same to you, have a blasting weekend. Huggies!



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