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Monday, September 3, 2012

Another Crap Post

I got no idea why I am awake at this hour. Anyway since I couldn't sleep, might as well write down some thoughts. I kinda am feeling a little mellow at the moment. I haven't talk to Mr D, Shinigami, or any of my angels. Besides my family and Adam is around, I just felt missed out with those I really care for. Mr D is feeling low, Shinigami is stressed out with work and his life at the same time, Ms Rain also have so much on her mind. I just miss them very much. I really wish I could do something to make it right.

But like Adam told me, there are times that we are faced with choices that we do not wanna take. How ironic is that right? Choices.. but yet not a choice. But I know one thing for sure, no matter where I am, I will always be there for you guys like you guys ever did for me.

Another 11 days more, I will be doing another operation. Sigh. I am tired to talk about this anyway. I know that this somehow have a long journey to go. All I just wanted to do now is finish another 4-5 songs. Got really good reviews so far on my soundcloud. Thank you to all my followers and all the support. Wish I could write better songs for all of you!

Now listening to Cow singing on my iTunes, I miss her out of no where. Oh, I didn't get to update this. She is attached at last!! I am so happy for her! Like really. By the way Kel, if you are reading this, he is by far the most decent looking guy you have ever dated. Nothing personal. Hahaha... I am really happy for you baby! My best wishes always.

I think I better stop writing. This post is getting filled with more crap. Mind note! Never blog when you just woke up! It will be another boring thanking speech. Anyway, back to bed for me I suppose. Oh ya, and now I got a new task! Stalk someone on Facebook. That is the only place I didn't manage to find him yet. Challenge accepted. And I still wanna claim my ice cream!


  1. Who's that person you are stalking ? Sounds interesting...

  2. LOL.. Successfully "stalked" I am kinda officially a social network addict. Btw, he is one of the bloggers im following. I think u know him too.



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