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Monday, September 24, 2012


I am actually really excited about the new song debut today. It is just hours. And I couldn't wait for the reviews. Technically, I am prepared for the worst either way. Since I couldn't possibly sleep, I took my time to actually clean up my room. Yes, you didn't read it wrongly. I did clean up everything. New sheets, vacuumed and all. Finishing everything now, just relaxing on bed waiting for time to pass.

Technically, I am blogging about crap again. And I really do appreciate about the response from my readers about that "Dare And Truth" game. I suppose I'm choosing to pass. In many ways, would still prefer something that are meant to be private be private. And one of the biggest thing is I don't think I could write in that kinda erotic language! Not like one of the blogger that I'm following. I was like really impressed with the words he choose to use. Pure erotic porn I would say! Hahaha.. You know who you are. :-P You are really gifted being a blogger. Do consider writing erotic fictions. I think you will do well.

And technically, I wanna thank you for all the responses regarding the accident that happen between me and Dumdum. Clearly, I was over thinking about it. Even a friend ask me not to take his place as drama king. LOL I miss you a lot Cornflakes!  And when things happened, I talked to Mr D right away. He just knew what to say. I am glad to have him in my life. You were right. Emotionally, we both are connected at the time when we were talking. And It was just the right chemistry between two wrong people. Technically, that is true. I never see any possible future for the two queens.

I think I somehow stirred up the question about me being celibate at this period of time. I'm gonna make things simple. In a lot of ways, I came to a point where I really felt the emptiness. I shall be honest, within that period of time me being a capital HOE, from time to time, the sex was just out of the world. It was uninhibited, it was pure pleasure, satisfaction came without any warning. It was beyond what I have ever came across my entire life. But the question surface after the sex. When everything is over, I really do felt like I was being sucked into this kinda black hole.
Wild crazy mindless sex? or...
Someone you wanna show love and giving in everything to?

To be honest, Non of the great sex existed within my relationships. But the love making within the relationship is incomparable. I felt whole, complete. It is something really different. As being a train wreak at that point, I poisoned myself not to feel those emotions at all. And that was why I got hooked to drugs and all. Between sex and love making, I think I kinda made myself clear of my choices. Of course from time to time I still have the urge! I'm just a regular 28 year old fella who has normal needs. What to do about it? Try not to log into Grindr, or any social network sites, Try to just go for a swim or something, or even just head out with family and friends to get myself off the edge! Is it hard? It is. But it just the determination that drives me on.

But the thing is, I'm not sorry that I did all those mistakes. Because with those things I have done, I was still blessed. A few old friends walked back into my life. But at points, with a price to pay. So, it is kinda a moral thingy I am doing to myself. Nothing to do with whatever thing that others would come across with. And of course with a personal reason that matters to my heart. On that note, I shall still keep it to myself.

So technically I have tried my best to answer as much questions that I have got in emails and on twitter. I hope this answers most of it. I hope.. And I just realize the amount of technically word I have been using on this post. So I think I would be naming it that either. :) So technically for the last time, I'm happy with my progress of staying away from drugs and life is really treating me well. Great people in my life, great company, great music and great effort. Life is still good even shits happen all the time. :)


  1. Technically, you are having a happy and lovely life now ; )

  2. Technically I agree with you Shin Yong! Thank you very much.



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