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Wednesday, September 5, 2012


Withdrawn in time, sitting at the corner of the bed.
Listening to Micheal Buble's Home. The phrases beautifully twirling around the scars.
Knowing that letters in text means a memory.
Was it beautiful? Indeed it is. I believe it was.
Every one line or two, there will be "How are you baby?"
It will never be enough. Indeed, it was... spectacular.
It was just a mere memory, nothing to linger.

It was just you that happened. But it was never meant to be.
Again yet again. And it was a playful twist by fate.
A summer tree turning into mellow fury. The time just went on.
A beautiful coffee table, turning Mayfair to Bristol.
Every sip taken was a bitter sweet sensation.
My words were cold and flat, you deserve more than that.

When the edges were close to the skin, the cold pillars feeling the warm body.
It was just another feeling. I smiled and I let go.
But I was near, always. All I wanted is to be home.
The thousand company that were around, seemingly disappear when I just close my eyes.
The cold winter night was peaceful. Everything were as it was.
Sometimes, I step outside and wanting it to go away.
Or wanting to live in someone else's life but it will never disappear

It was just ideal to feel invisible. I feel just right to be.
Yet, I never knew where to be. It was nothing to feel right.
I am just too far from where you are. Melting into the falling snow by the pavement.
Touching the floor, it was just a moment I glimpse the shadow,
Asking myself, do I really meant anything at all...
It was not my place to know.. as the snow melts away, disappearing into the streets in Paris.


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