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Monday, September 10, 2012

Suicide Awareness Day 10 Sept 2012

Every 18 minutes, someone dies from a suicide. Every 43 seconds, someone attempts one. Never be the reason why someone ends their life, be the reason why they don't. Suicide isn't "selfish", "cowardly" or "stupid", it's the feeling that there are no other options. Don't just be aware do something. If you need to talk to someone don't hesitate do it. Friends be there for your friends. 

Everyone in this world are exposed towards suicide. I believe that everyone in this world could be pushed over the edge. Many may say, I love myself too much to do this. I miss myself too much to end it. But there are times when we just needed that factor to push ourselves towards that moment you realize there ain't any reasons left.

4 years ago, I was having suicidal tendency symptoms. Many told me that I was selfish, I was stupid, and I was a coward. At that time, I felt that no one could possibly understood the pressure I was under. I gave into the dark part of myself. But for saying that, I wasn't proud of what I did. Today, I would say yes it was selfish if I did it. But all these doesn't matter that time. I had no one to understand me when I left Singapore. But gladly my family realize the changes in me and I went seeing a psychiatrist in KL General Hospital. It was a long process to walk out from that point.

I don't know about others, but since it is Suicide Awareness Day, I wanna play my part for making that change for anyone out there. May it be no one who understood how you felt at that moment, or there wasn't any reason left. But there is one reason to keep going on. For yourself. Yes, no one may understand what is the pressure you are having or how bad that situation is. Or even how tired you are after fighting for a cause even there isn't hope for recovery. You still owe yourself that moment you needed to live for your own. 

I was young and I made mistakes all my way. I learned most of it from the hard way. I ruined the beautiful perfect life I once had married with the man that puts me above everything he has. But when it was all gone, I have nothing left. No reason to go on. Till I realize I was hurting people that loved me unconditionally. I made that change to keep on going in life now, it was a hard thing to do at first. But we are human. We adapt to it. We get use to it. We will pull it through that part in life. 

Today is Suicide Awareness Day. Reach out, and hold a hand. Make that difference! To support Suicide Awareness Day, Draw love on our wrist and wear yellow. You will never know how could you inspire anyone out there.

My support towards #SuicideAwarenessDay on instagram - rickycarter93


  1. Don't know why Arvil Lavigne's "Slipped Away" pop up in my mind when reading this post. Suicide is really a serious thing have to be concerned even I had the thought before accepted who I am. Anyways, starting to find yellow ribbon now. =p

  2. Hahaha.. It is a really serious issue. People need to live for that cause. When we are in our dark place, we never understood till we walk out from it. Yay!! Support #SAD!!



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