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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

11th Year In Memory - Sept 11

Another 9 hours it will marked the anniversary for the September 11 attacks. Thinking about all the family who suffered lost of their family members. The World Trade Centers, Pentagon and American Airlines Flight 93. Remembered the point where all of us in class watching what happened. It doesn't make me feel better even my family are in Malaysia. I was 4 hours drive away from New York City that year. But that helplessness in me watching what happen.

Its been 11 years, but people still feel the pain for everything that had happen. Listening to kids who grew up with their lost. I feel the pain in their voices. It really isn't easy to just hear them. Even the idea of them having to grow up without that shadow to hold them. This date doesn't only mark a dark place for the Americans but also for all humanity.

Maybe not everyone really feel the effect. But I really couldn't help it. I really got no idea at all if I were them. Or I was one of the victim. How would my family be able to handle this. Even up to today, the whole family still misses Isiah so much even we don't talk about it. I can see in mom's eyes sometimes when we somehow mention about him. That emotions lingers on all these while.

Today we bury his body, but not his spirit. We bury his hands but not his good works. We bury his heart, but not his love.
Maybe I am just being me. I really wish there is something that we could do to lift up those who suffers. It isn't a life to grow up in but there aren't options to choose.


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