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Thursday, September 20, 2012

The Truth About Love

What about love? The truth about love. I couldn't believe how many times I have been looping her whole album the whole morning. She really take her music to a whole new level. To be honest, it is unbelievably good. It isn't just another usual pop rock album with some songs with inner meanings. But on the whole, this is such a great production. She does remind me of a younger Linda Perry. 

Like what the title of the album. This whole album is all about love. The truth of it. Not in one particular way but in general. In any way we can find. From being a slut to a broken heart girl to a strong person saying goodbye to an old memory. Celebrating what makes the world goes round - LOVE.

I know she is from RCA too but I am not writing this to promote on behalf of the company. But I wanted to share this great production with my readers. On the whole, she really did a great job on this album. My favorite picks? I really love Beam Me Up. She really puts her soul into this record. You could really feel what she wanted to tell us from her music. And I really love the opening song We Are All We Are. It's an upbeat song about being true to ourselves. It is a really great one. I couldn't have enough of her. 

Check her out, really. The album The Truth About Love is already available on iTunes. And on that note, I am hopeless yet again. I spent like USD 68 in just one day in iTunes. Anyhow, it is worth every single cent to get this album. Of all the albums I bought today, this is the one to beat. And seriously, I can't wait for Christina Aguilera's new album Lotus release in November. Another big shot to end this year with a high note. I bet the 2014 Grammys would be interesting. And I am anticipating big voices in the 2013 Grammys. I just couldn't wait. 


  1. I LOVE HER!! One of the very few artist whose songs have meanings to them rather then "starships are meant to fly" crap. Still love her "who knew".. makes me cry every time.

  2. Hahaha..statships...really wish can click like for the comment above.
    As I said before your blog is my new source for songs ; )

  3. Leo Nut, I am not a big fan of hers but I really fell in love with her on this album. She is phenomenal!

    Shin Yong, Thanks for the compliments. Couldn't live without music!



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