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Sunday, September 2, 2012

A Man Who Knew The Look Of Love

Finished writing 2 songs in 12 hours. Getting some time to relax myself. Somehow, emotions are all over. Guess this is the sucky part of being a song writer. But this is part of being in this industry. Before I forget, I wanna thank a great lyricist that is in this project with us. Without you, our music will be like a cripple. You made all our music alive. Thank you Josh Crosby and Robert Marvin for everything you have given. The time to listen to us and understand how a tune is being put together. 

And I just got the news like 40 minutes ago, we have lost a great contributor in the music industry. The great Hal David passed away in Los Angeles at 91. Sometimes being a to put our emotions out isn't a good idea. We tend to feel more and we get lost in our own realm. That sounds like I am a nutcase. Which I won't deny myself that I sounded like one now.

But like I say, it is part of our job. At least I found blogging as a way to let out whatever I have in me. I somehow feel like there is a hallow on my chest. But I just couldn't possibly do anything to make it better. Not that I don't want to. But It makes me feel I am alive. From another blogger I recently followed. Chen Xing, he recently says about the mistakes we human usually make in life. That we learn it the hard way. Somehow the aftermath of it is something we have to bare with it our entire life. I totally agree with him. I will never deny that in my past, there are many mistakes that I have done. Some even the pain lived till this very day. But I never regret any of those mistakes that I have done. I pain the consequences with a high price. I was an idiot. I was an ass. I never cherished what I had till I lost it. But with that pain, I live through hell. Was in drugs, was doing things I wasn't suppose to and all. It took me a very long time to learn my lesson. When I learned, it was nearly 3 years I have wasted.

After the call from LA, I started to read news about Hal and his death. I came across this beautiful Obituary. The title caught me. Obituary: Lyricist who knew the look of love. It was beautiful. And this song that I love, I wanna dedicate to the loved ones I have lost. Friends, Family. My heart is always there with you. It is just a parting that non could run away from. 

In so many ways does this song bring inspiration. It is about how you should mourn for the deceased and long gone, but that you should take them with you, in spirit at least. So many times in life the people around you are gone, leaving, and it can almost bring you to the point of suicide, (I know I have been to that part ages ago) but you have to keep pressing onward, if not for yourself, then for them, and the ones that care about you. I know that this is the reason why I am still breathing. The lyrics of this song is just beautiful. I guess there isn't any need for me to go on further with it. I believe you guys will agree.
Those you’ve known
And lost still walk behind you
All alone
They linger till they find you
Without them
The world grows dark around you
And nothing is the same until you
Know that they have found you

Those you’ve pained
May carry that still with them
All the same
They whisper: “All forgiven.”
Still your heart says
The shadows bring the starlight
And everything you’ve ever been is 
Still there in the dark night

When the northern wind blows
Though you know you've left them far behind
The sorrows your heart holds
You walk on by yourself and not with them
There are those who still know
Still you know they will fill your heart and mind

They’re still home
When they say there's a way through this
We’re still home

Those you’ve known
And lost, still walk behind you
All alone
Their song still seems to find you
They call you
As if you knew their longing
They whistle through the lonely wind
the long blue shadows falling

All alone
But still I hear their yearning
Through the dark, the moon,
Alone there, burning
The stars too
They tell of spring returning
And summer with another wind 
That no one yet has known

When the northern wind blows
They call me through all things
The sorrows your heart’s known
Night's falling but somehow I go on
I believe…
You watch me, just watch me- I'm calling from longing

Now they’ll walk on my arm through the distant night
And I won’t let them stray from my heart
Through the wind, through the dark,
Through the winter light
I will read all their dreams to the stars

I’ll walk now with them
I’ll call on their names
I’ll see their thoughts are known

Not gone
They walk with my heart 
I’ll never let them go 
You watch me. Just watch me
I’m calling, I’m calling
And one day all will know


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