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Sunday, September 2, 2012

Boeing 787 Dreamliner Deliveries Updates

With the delivery to LAN and also 1 for ANA on the last day of the month Boeing delivered a total of 4 787s in August. Although that is less then was expected for the month it's still the month with the most deliveries to date. It means that 19 have been delivered in total and 16 this year, still a way to go for the 35-45 target for 2012. But it should not be a problem with 4 months to go and a likely increase in deliveries. The production has also increased from 3.5 to 5 with the start of the surge line, 4 in Everett and 1 in Charleston.

For this month we have.
Qatar Airways - this one was pushed back from last month, probably some costumer specific features needed certification resulting in extra test flights. This delay actually means that they could take delivery of 2 787s this month.

United Airlines - still on schedule to take delivery of their 1st 787 as planned.

China Southern Airlines - Their 1st delivery is expected for the end of the month

Air India - Last month was a yes, no, yes, no, yes, no situation. But hopefully for them the bureaucracy nonsense will be over and they could take delivery of 3 or 4 787s this month.

ANA (All Nippon Airways) - There are 2 more 787s that already have made their 1st flight, they should be delivered this month.

JAL (Japan Airlines Limited) - They also should receive 2 this month.

Ethiopian Airlines - 1 delivery, their 2nd 787.

LAN- 1 delivery, their 2nd 787.

It could be 15 deliveries this month. And even though it's unlikely that all of them will happen it's still a big increase if only half of this number is delivered.


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