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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Standing Here

Was tweeting with Mr D just now. And I realize that there is so much stress he is under and I somehow wish I knew what to do about it. No matter what I wanna say, I know it will not make him feel better in many ways. I think in a lot of ways, I kinda understood how that feels. Sometimes, whenever anyone ask me about my condition, it just sucks! I know it is just concern and care. But I couldn't help it to think that whatever that comes out from my mouth, surely that face of "I pity you" is there. And there is nothing they can do to make it better.

Whenever that happens, I am just being me, I shut down totally and really do not wanna even talk. I know it is ironic, but sometimes, I am still human and I still got emotions. It really sucks whenever someone treat you like a patient. And I really hated that! I just couldn't really help it!

Sigh.. Anyway, I guess somehow I am kinda giving in to the pain I am experiencing day by day. Gladly that Never Gone has been released. And I am really thankful for all the support! Thank you for bringing it to number one on iTunes! It is really honored to have work with such wonderful team and people! And Colton killed it! I think he really sounded at his best!

And since everything will have a full stop at the moment, I think I am gonna focus more on recovering. I know, I always put my work before anything. But like what I just said, for a longer journey, I need to focus on recovery.

And I did a few gift shopping getting ready to be back in KL. I'm still looking for Ryan's purple T with XS size! A challenge! Got Andrew'a and MK's. Still need to get for Byron, Garend, Cornflakes and Rainer. I hope when I see them, I will be on my feet instead of wheels. I miss you guys a lot!


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