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Saturday, September 8, 2012

Accepting Limits

First, I must say it is so like damn hard to get hold on Idina Menzel's Defying Gravity studio version. It is much more a pop song comparing to the usual theatrical version. But I have uploaded it on YouTube so I could fit it in to my Mixpod to share it here. Damn, its like so many layers of work.

Anyway, I just kinda am finishing up all the last touches of the things I usually do. I just tweeted about me and my lil bro making my lil son Geneboy look like some weird alien dog. Kinda out of boredom for the both of us.

I can't say that I am really trilled with the finishing touch of some albums which will be up contending for the 2014 Grammys. Its like real far to many but it really isn't. Believe it or not, the 2013 Grammy season is coming within the next few months. Holidays are coming up and there are so much to be in aligned. Not sure how will the Grammys fair this year for us but not really having high hopes. I do have a few exceptions. But seemingly Pop is catching back it's way.

Christina Aguilera's Your Body single released date is set! I am pretty sure she is having her act back. Yes, I like that song but not going head over heals with it. What I am more anticipating is what her album is coming up with. She really defines what being an artist is. For being versatile and instill empowerment to oneself.  She did diverse herself by not limiting her own music in one genre. From pop music to Rock, R&B, 20s Jazz, Electric to now latest Dance pop ( I think so as nothing so far has been released by RCA )

What my point is she does really glorified that by living day to day, we shouldn't be accepting limits and stop living the way we always wanted ourselves to. I know that reality check is important here. But doesn't mean we gotta stop living the dreams we once have. I know it is just about what we are and how we wanted ourselves to do so, time may be an issue. What I am trying to get through is why should anyone stop living in our dream? I always wanted to be a song writer. And it is not an easy way to come to where I am today. People will tell you all sorta things. What the world could do to you and reality is that this isn't a dream worth living. But I just told myself no. I am not gonna be like them. I work few jobs in the past just to make ends meet. But I never stop living in my dream.

Ok, I am kinda losing track of what I am gonna say initially. But anyhow, I will keep that to my next post. But before that Imma gonna get some shut eye. I totally forgot I have a breakfast to catch up that I promised to be there. So.. I so wanna do this for a long time and I am finally saying it.

To Be Continue......

I know.. It is lame.. Just a sneak peak about what is next, Bra... Wait for it.. very.
LOL.. Too much "How I Met Your Mother" symptoms. Bravery.. A special post to someone I really care for. My bestie. Signing off now. Nitey y'all.


  1. Haha.. it is a great song! Jus love it a lot! Have a great weekend Chen Xing!



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