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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

I'm Back!

It feels really good to be back home. Back to a place where I feel free to expressed again. XD

Anyhow, I will still be spending a lot of time resting and rehabilitating at the moment. There are changes in my  daily life from now. Things aren't been what is has to but Imma gonna take it one day at a time. For these few days, I will be posting a few post while I was in the ward.

Wrote a few and will start posting it one by one. But what really matters is just how I wanted to take life from now I suppose. In many ways, it wasn't easy to go through from here but there isn't a choice for me to choose. The only thing I could keep in mind is just living my life the way I wanted and keep going on.

Like what I always say, "When life gives you Lemons, We make lemonade from it."

And by the way, Imma loving Barbra Striesand's New York State Of Mind covered by Lea Michele and Melissa Benoist. No idea why, loving the way they both did it. Perfectly beautiful. :)

Honestly, I miss blogging a lot. Just a perfect place for me to be who I am without being able to be anyone wanted me to be. Weak or even vulnerable, I have no fear of being judge or even being misunderstood. Just like a little sanctuary for me besides the studio.

And after been away for so long, The best is there are loads of blogs for me to read! Can't wait to keep myself updated with the other fellow bloggers. :)


  1. Not only did I squeeze it out to make lemonade, I bakes some lemon tarts as well as cheesecake out of it.

    Sour, but nice ! Yummeh !

  2. Exactly Chen Xing!!! I miss Areena Diner's Lemon Tarts!!! I miss KL!!!!

  3. Come back, come back.

    We go have afternoon tea together.


  4. Earliest is in Dec. a couple of months to go!



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