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Monday, January 23, 2012

Foot Prints In The Sand.

This song somehow brings the best and the worst within me. I still remember vividly how and what was I in listening to this song 22 months ago. I somehow still feel a little sting but I guess time really heals. Lets us not go back to the past. Listening to this song over and over again made me realize this is still the best one dedicate to you. Word by word, it showed this was the only one I can say how I feel.

I know in many ways, I am feeling all the little pain from my body but deep down, your voice echo, telling me it will be alright. Holding me close to you. Feeling all the warmth in life you shared. I know you are feeling emotional tonight. But somehow happy manage to make you smile a little. Seems a lot of people are not in the very good mood today. Andrew, Mr D, Arianne and many more seems kinda shaky. Maybe is some astrology thingy going on. But anyway, I wanna share my love towards these beautiful important people in my life. I really wish all of you are able to go through things smoothly and able to put on that smile.

Mr D, without you these few days, I will not have the courage to talk about this. Again, you showed me the way which makes me wanna be better.Even you were busy and so on, but you never fail to be there.

Cornflakes too, you stay close on my updates, always the first one to know where I am and wanting to make sure I am well and so on. Honestly, you guys completes me. Really, I am more than thankful to have all of you here to make me better.

Speaking of which, I somehow just feel even with all of the changes in life now, I mean I am blessed with great friends, we accepted each other for who we are. No pretense, no lies, nothing to hide. And I am being loved by all of you so much. I am also facing the fact that all had been the past has turn into memories. I thank you all for making me possible.The picture now is not just about loving one person in life. But to look at a different perspective. I have been taught though time to be this. I am grateful to it. Even now, I know the heart belongs to a person in life. But I am complete. I am happy. Nothing more I need to do to make things complicated. I know I will be there for that person and vice versa. I am happy as I am. Asking me to want more? I would be lying if I say it never cross my mind. But somehow I choose it to be this way. I had made a choice months ago and I am following my heart. That is all it matters now.


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